Our skill base makes even the most complex urban infrastructure project achievable and we are committed to providing exceptional client service at every opportunity.

Our Services

Asset Relocation Works

As a preferred contractor for many of Australia’s leading service companies, Multipipe adherence to safety and environmental management practices is second to none.

Directional Drilling

Multipipe specialises in the installation of conduits under obstacles such as roads and buildings. Conduits such as water, sewer, fibre, electric, and gas can be installed under very busy intersections without disruption of traffic.

Multipipe Civils Plant & Equipment

Multipipe has a wide array of plant and earth moving machinery for your next project. We have an experienced and dedicated crew who can help fulfil your requirements in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Bed & Thrust Boring

Multipipe provides Bed & Thrust Boring services, a trenchless method ideal for installing underground utilities beneath existing structures or natural obstacles without surface disruption. This technique, also known as horizontal directional drilling, allows for the precise placement of pipes and conduits with minimal environmental impact, making it a preferred choice for urban and environmentally sensitive areas. Our expertise in this area ensures that infrastructure projects are completed efficiently, safely, and with the utmost respect for the existing landscape.

Pipe, pipe conduit pit and manhole installation

Multipipe excels in the installation of pipes, pipe conduits, pits, and manholes, providing essential components for comprehensive underground infrastructure systems. Our skilled professionals employ meticulous installation practices to ensure that each component is correctly placed and fully functional, catering to the needs of diverse projects from municipal sewer systems to complex telecommunications networks. With a commitment to quality and durability, Multipipe’s installation services are designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern infrastructure, ensuring longevity and reliability for all installations.

Cable Hauling & Jointing

Multipipe offers specialized services in Cable Hauling & Jointing, a critical aspect of establishing and maintaining robust communication and power networks. Our team is adept at safely pulling cables through conduits, ducts, and subterranean tunnels, as well as expertly executing the precise jointing required for optimal connectivity and performance. This service is crucial for ensuring that the infrastructure meets the high-speed data and energy demands of our increasingly connected world, with Multipipe’s precision and attention to detail guaranteeing top-tier results.


Multipipe offers expert trenching services as part of its comprehensive suite of civil construction capabilities, specializing in the precise excavation required for laying down essential underground utilities. Our experienced teams utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that each trench is dug to exact specifications, with a keen focus on safety and minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. This service is integral to our turnkey solutions, facilitating the seamless installation of gas, water, and telecommunications infrastructure.

Multipipe Traffic Management PTY LTD

Operating as an independent entity for the last 19 years, Multipipe Traffic Management Pty Ltd principally provides traffic management services and solutions to a range of construction, electrical and infrastructure service companies as well as councils across Melbourne and Victorian regional centres. With availability 24 hours per day, seven days a week, Multipipe Traffic Management Has 14 vehicles with roof mounted arrow boards that provides professional, accountable and above all, safe traffic management services for a variety of projects across Victoria.

Project Management

Multipipe’s team of Project Managers work closely with you, drawing on their industry experience to understand client needs and to establish a clear project scope of work. We ensure compliance of the works with technical specifications, applicable legislation, approvals and standards.