Industrial Development

Our expertise shines in the execution of complex

Multipipe’s role in industrial development is pivotal, providing specialized civil construction services that are integral to the establishment and expansion of industrial facilities. Our expertise shines in the execution of complex underground works and the installation of infrastructure in industrial settings, where precision and adherence to stringent safety standards are non-negotiable. Our turnkey solutions cater to the full spectrum of industrial needs, from the initial design phase to the implementation of conduit systems using both mechanical methods, such as open cut and directional drilling, and manual, non-destructive techniques, ensuring a foundation of reliability for the industrial operations.

The robustness of our pit and pipe systems, coupled with our adept cable hauling and jointing services, ensures that industrial entities have the resilient infrastructure they need to operate high-powered machinery and maintain communications without fail. Recognizing the critical nature of time and budget in industrial projects, Multipipe is committed to delivering these comprehensive services within the agreed timelines and financial frameworks. Our ability to manage complex projects, including the safe removal of asbestos-containing materials, positions us as a leader in facilitating industrial development that is not only efficient but also sustainable and safe for the long term. Multipipe’s dedication to excellence and adaptability makes it an indispensable partner in the realm of industrial development, where the creation and maintenance of robust infrastructure are key to operational success.