Public Transport

Delivering solutions to this demanding industry

In the public transport sector, particularly with Yarra Trams, Multipipe has established a strong reputation by providing specialised civil construction services tailored to the unique demands of this dynamic industry. Our expertise is especially valuable in urban and densely populated areas where public transport systems like trams operate. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including the installation and cable hauling for tram systems, and efficient traffic management solutions. Our methods encompass both mechanical techniques—such as open cut and directional drilling—and manual, non-destructive approaches. This is crucial in ensuring that the infrastructure is robust and reliable, catering to the continuous and high-traffic demands of the public transport sector.

Our turnkey solutions extend beyond mere installation; they also include the meticulous management of infrastructure in the public transport sector, particularly in tram systems. This involves the safe handling and modification of existing urban structures, a common requirement in densely populated areas, and the provision of robust pit and pipe systems. Our cable hauling and jointing services are executed with precision, ensuring that the public transport sector’s critical power and communication needs are met efficiently. With a deep understanding of the budgetary and time constraints typical of public transport projects, Multipipe manages each project with a strong focus on cost-effectiveness and timely delivery. This approach is essential in minimizing disruptions to public transport services, which is crucial for maintaining the flow and efficiency of city transport systems. Multipipe’s commitment to excellence in meeting the unique challenges of the public transport sector, especially in tram systems, establishes it as a leader in civil construction for this industry.