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Working With Multipipe

Join our team and become a pivotal part of Multipipe’s success, where your contributions will not only drive innovation but also foster sustainable development.

Careers at Multipipe

Our people are the driving force of Multipipe. We support our people to succeed, so we can deliver our best!

What We Do

Multipipe is a preferred supplier to leading utilities for civil construction activities specialising in power and telecommunications. We deliver innovative solutions to problems through the application of design, project management and construction skills. Multipipe is always seeking new talent to join our highly skilled workforce.

VESI Trained

All Multipipe field staff are VESI trained and multi skilled which allows us great flexibility in our programming requirements. Additionally, to the standard of VESI training, we have staff accredited with the cable hauling modules (Lay ESI Cables), and our crew leaders and field supervisor are trained to conduct their own open trench audits (VEDN Auditor Training).

    Want To Work With Us?

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    Why Work With Us

    We Offer Competitive Compensation

    By offering attractive remuneration that’s above the market rate (following the ETU EBA award 2023), we feel that our team will feel more valued and appreciated for their hard work. Employee satisfaction is important to us and we recognise that compensation is an essential factor.

    Development and Advancement

    By providing ample opportunities for development and advancement, we are committed to not just building a workforce, but fostering a space where careers flourish. We strive to continuely create pathways for our team to grow, including but not limited to developing new skillsets across different industry sectors.

    We are a family owned and operated business

    • Common Values
    • Strong Commitment
    • Respect
    • Stability

    VESI Trained

    • Workplace Training
    • Technical Skills Development
    • Safety Training

    Constructors of essential infrastructure

    • Innovate
    • Design
    • Change
    • Provide Essential Services

    Multinational client base

    • Diverse Project Opportunities

    • Increase your expertise

    • Adaptability


    • Partnerships
    • Building Relationships
    • Collaboration
    • Rapport & Trust

    Exposure to Large Projects

    • Growth opportunities
    • Meaningful Work
    • Access to Tools & Technology

    ISO certification & qualifications

    • Improve Health & safety
    • Productivity
    • Reliability
    • Minimising Risk.

    Positive company culture

    • Job Satisfaction
    • Attracting Top Talent
    • Clear Values & Goals