Power Industry

Provider of Power Industry

Multipipe excels in the power industry, bringing its specialised expertise to the forefront of energy infrastructure projects. The company’s proficiency in handling complex tasks such as power relocation works, feeder upgrades, and open cut excavation is complemented by a deep understanding of the unique challenges in this sector. Their experienced team ensures that every project, from installation to maintenance, adheres to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. This commitment to excellence makes Multipipe a trusted partner in powering communities and driving the industry forward.


What’s make us different ?

  • $Family owned and operated Business
  • $Stable Employment
  • $Competitive Compensation
  • $Opportunities for Development and Advancement
  • $Training VESI
  • $Respect
  • $Networking
  • $Exposure to Large Projects
  • $Safety Standards such as the ISO qualifications
  • $Positive company culture
  • $Constructors of essential infrastructure
  • $Multinational client base